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Tulla's Birthday Party!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing fabulous and staying healthy!

Today I have another card and video tutorial for you. This one is made with Photoplay Paper products. Photoplay is one of my favorites! If you love gnomes, then you have a treat in store!!! The collection is named "Tulla's Birthday Party", and it is so much fun!

Tulla is one of a pair of adorable gnomes for Photoplay that have become well known and well loved. The other is called Norbert. Tulla and Norbert, together, have become quite a hit for Photoplay Paper! I mean, who doesn't love a gnome?

They both have birthday party collections that are made to coordinate with each other. It's adorable. If you love gnomes, then you simply must check it out! Just click HERE to see all of their awesome collections, including their brand new ones!!

I happen to adore Tulla and Norbert and I had so much fun making this shaker card! Shaker cards look hard, but they are really pretty easy. And what I love about the collection, is that you could easily make cards for children or adults also. The colors are bright, bold, happy and fun. And the sticker page is loaded with everything birthday that you could possibly think of!! Balloons, cakes, candles and presents. Polka dots, stripes, hearts and stars!! Birthday fun galore!! And gnomes, don't forget the gnomes!! I promise this collection will make you smile!!

I hope that you enjoyed the card and my video today, and that maybe you are feeling a little inspiration now. And I'm so glad you stopped by, thank you so much!

Before you go, remember one thing....Never stop creating!


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